IRON Pump world class water pumps - Quality and Environment policy

Quality and Environment policy

IRON Pump A/S - Quality policy

At IRON Pump A/S we demand that our pumps are durable, functional, efficient and reliable.

The individual pump is designed according to:

  • the current international standards, requirements and regulations
  • the individual customer's needs and requirements

Our quality policy implies that we:

  • deliver the agreed goods, at an agreed time and expected quality
  • consequently ensure our qualitative performance and will ensure a high customer satisfaction
  • lay down ambitious quality objectives and plans, and put focus on the improvement effort in terms of management
  • follow the improvement progress up closely and if necessary implement corrective actions
  • involve and enhance the entire IRON Pump A/S organisation for continuous customer focus, and quality improvement and cost-effectiveness
  • continue to develop the collaboration with our suppliers, and
  • maintain and enhance a suitable and efficient Quality Management System

Our vision:

  • We are aiming to become our customers first choice

Our mission:

  • We are designing, producing and providing service for custom-made world class water pumps

What is quality without staff?

  • The biggest asset at IRON Pump A/S is our staff.
  • They are proud, engaged and highly qualified people, who:
  • work on functional solutions
  • keep their promises
  • act globally
  • show environmental and social responsibility
  • share knowledge and experience, and
  • are flexible and always seek better solutions.

ISO 9001

IRON Pump A/S has chosen to be quality certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2008, the first time in November 2012. The latest recertification was executed in November 2015 and is valid until 2018. The next recertification in 2018 will be according to DS/ISO 9001:2015 and DE/ISO 14001:2015

Scope: Development, sales, manufacturing and service of pumps.


Nuclear supplier

The recertification is due to take place at September 2016.


IRON Pump A/S - Environmental policy

The environmental policy at IRON Pump A/S is to render clearly visible and to acknowledge towards the company's employees and the rest of the world that the company is demanding and desires a high environmental level.

By environment we refer to external environment, as defined in the legislation in force at the time in question with regard to the company's activities.

The general environmental policy applies to the entire IRON Pump A/S.

According to our business goals and managerial positions we will:

  1. Aspire to develop and manufacture products with consideration to environmental conditions.
  2. Continuously improve the productive and organisational factors, which impact the internal and external environment by:
    • Applying environmentally friendly processes
    • Optimising the use of resources
    • Reducing the emissions from the company's processes
  3. Complying with the requirements and regulations from the Danish authorities (national and local).

IRON Pump A/S safeguards the environment and will only use materials and parts in our production of pumps, which do not contain harmful materials and substances, and which meet the requirements according to resolution A962 (23). We satisfy and comply with current requirements according to REACH Directive.

IRON Pump A/S does not accept the exploitation of children, discrimination, or other forms of exploitation of humanity.

IRON Pump A/S does NOT wish to cooperate with companies who buy minerals from illegal mining operations, who cooperate with countries with long-standing conflicts, or with countries that exploit children labour or commit other serious violations of human rights.

We do our best to ensure that our suppliers comply with and fulfil all requirements under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Dodd-Frank Act Section 1502 (Mineral Conflict).


Our new ECO pump series is a clear example of who we are:

  • A smaller pump with the same or more powerful performance
  • A smaller pump = less use of material => fewer resources

Environmental accounts

Since fiscal year 1997/1998 IRON Pump A/S has prepared and delivered green accounts.

A green account is a report, which in facts render visible the yearly consumption of raw materials and energy, and emissions and the waste that derive from production and the company's daily operations.

The green accounts is an excellent work tool, which quickly provides an overview of the materials and the energy applied in manufacturing and assembling pumps, and contemporarily shows, which steps have been followed and/or initiated to become even better.

The rules for reporting of the green accounts have been changed in October 2015, In the future only PRTR data must be reported. PRTR data are already included as a part of the green accounts.

IRON Pump A/S will continue to prepare the green accounts.


ISO 14001

IRON Pump A/S is environmentally certified according to DS/EN ISO 14001:2004 and has been since may 2000. The latest recertification was executed in May 2015 and is valid until 2018.

Next recertification in 2018 will be according to DS/ISO 9001:2015 and DE/ISO 14001:2015

Scope: Development, sales, manufacturing and service of pumps.

IRON Pump Eco-series DHBe Pump

Type DHBe

Ecodesign Directive


The Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC serves to create a framework for defining ecodesign requirements for energy-related products, or ErP. It replaces Directive 2005/32/EC of July 6, 2005, also known as the Energy-using Products (EuP) directive.
Read the ErP-Directive (Pdf 103 Kb)

Product information

Product information according to European Commission's Regulation (EU) No. 547/2012 of June 25, 2012.
Read the Product information (Pdf 100 Kb)