IRON anti-heeling pump

No doubt digitalization is here to stay and we are excited to be part of the first SMM Digital 2021...

IRON anti-heeling pump

The principle of the anti-heeling pump was invented by IRON Pump in the 1950´s, and it served the purpose to load more railroad load onto the ferries ...

IRON anti-heeling pump

RUMOUR HAS IT...that the Danish King Frederik IX would not accept his coffee being spilt when onboard...

IRON Service Case - HOFOR

Service Case

IRON Service Case - Charlottelund

Service Case

IRON moving into 3D print

Optimizing our R&D process

A bi-product when incinerating waste at a power plant is fly ash.

IRON renovation old pumps

Pump-passionate colleagues meet after workhours for renovation project

Hand drawings - By Mathilde Pontoppidan

Re-equipping 57 vessels of the Royal Wagenborg fleet with ejectors for BWTS.

Our two Test Engineers let us in on their work here at IRON Pump and reveal what gives ‘The Kick’.

Autumn 2019 IRON Pump secured a new order for an FPSO being built in Nigeria

Ellehammer Fire Waters Pumps. An IRON Pump brand that guarantees quality

Ejectors for 8 multi-purpose vessels in China

A pump is not just a pump and a 20-meter turbine pump certainly is not just any pump

IRON Pump China - the important base in Asia

Pump returns for overhaul after 28 years

IRON enters strategic partnership with ContiOcean

OUR PUMPS ARE fully capable of withstanding ambient temperatures down to - 40°C

THE PUMP, OF COURSE. But this is not the full story.