The Ejector - Ingenious in its simplicity

The power of the ejector is in its detail and design.

Ellehammer ejectors are engineered from solid metal and contain no moving parts. No maintenance is required, and wear & tear is at a very minimum. We optimize and customize our basic ejector models in order to give you 40% higher output in the customized design.

Manufactured in Cast Iron, Copper Bronze, Alu Bronze, and Stainless steels our wide range of ejectors fulfill all demands from the respective class societies. There is an Ellehammer ejector that will do the job – whatever your needs.

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Ellehammer Ejector Peak
Ellehammer Ejector Priming
Ellehammer Ejector Sewage
Ellehammer Ejector Transportable
Ellehammer Ejector Venting
Ellehammer Ejector Venting Vacuum

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Ejector Range