Ellehammer Fire Water Pumps

In the offshore oil and gas industry, our fire water pumps are installed in FSOs, FPSOs, LNGs and FLNGs.

Tank terminals, handling crude oil, petroleum, chemical products or any other flammable substance, are recommended to protect potentially exposed equipment by means of terminal fixed fire-fighting equipment.

The pump specifications range from 30–3000 m3/h at a pressure on up to 150 mWC and are designed according to the needs of the vessel in question and is customized to meet the needs of required specifications.

The fire pumps are fitted with two pumps: a main pump and a feeding pump. The main pump is driven by a diesel engine or an electrical motor and the feeding pump is hydraulic driven. Both solutions can be installed in containers if required.

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The pumps supplied for offshore installation comply with NFPA20 and class regulations. Installation and commissioning is carried out by IRON Pump service technicians who are available for support before, during and after start-up.

The pumps can be installed in containers. With this compact and simple solution, logistics and installation are fast and easy, cutting man-hours. The system is delivered in modules and is very easy to install.








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Ellehammer Firepump Diesel 55 180m3h 120x120  Ellehammer Firepump Diesel 180 550 m3h 120x120  Ellehammer Firepump Diesel 550 850m3h 120x120  Ellehammer Firepump Diesel 850 1300m3h 120x120  Ellehammer Firepump Diesel 1300 2200m3h 120x120  Ellehammer Firepump Electric 55 800m3h 120x120  Ellehammer Firepump Diesel 2200 3000m3h 120x120  Ellehammer Firepump Dieseln 35 50m3h 120x120  Ellehammer Firepump Electric 30 50m3h 120x120


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