Pump Type QH

The QH pump series is a range of horizontal, in-line, axial split, centrifugal pumps of single or multi stage design. The design provides easy access for inspection and service without disturbing the rotating element, the motor/driver or surrounding pipe system.

The pump series, designed for high efficiency and low NPSH under heavier and continuous duties, features a separate double bearing arrangement for the rotating element, an axially balanced rotating element and allows assembly with a wide range of IEC standard electric motors.

The pump series can be provided with a range of shaft seals for media temperatures up to 180°C and can be supplemented with various types of priming systems according the application.


Centrifugal Pump


Axial split case, Dual bearing arrangement with the impeller mounted between bearings

Flow range:

25 – 4000 m3/h

Pressure range:

10 – 150 mLc


Horizontal, In-line

Pumped liquid:

Fresh water, Sea water

WaterPumps QH·QV·QVK brochure (5,16 Mb)